The Tori Cup

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Tori Howell

Tori Howell was an English major at Ithaca College who loved to read and to challenge others about their knowledge on Science Fiction and Fantasy. She was intelligent, vivacious, and never afraid to share her opinion on books, television shows, and movies. Though her life was short, she affected many here at Ithaca College. She loved many of the causes Harry Potter Alliance supports and was a member of the community surrounding the charity This Star Won’t Go Out.

How to get involved.

There are many ways to get involved!
  • Create a team of four and participate in the Tori Cup: Fantasy and Science FIction Challenge!
  • Submit a donation using the Paypal button on the Registration page.  
  • If you are interested volunteering on the afternoon of April 17, 2016 contact us at [email protected]