The Tori Cup

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2016 Rules for Competition

I. Team Eligibility and Divisions

  1. Teams shall consist of four players.
  2. Teams shall provide a team name at registration and for use during competition.
  3. For Middle School and High School divisions one adult Coach (over 21 years of age) shall be required for registration and to be present with the team during competition.
  4. There shall be three divisions for competition:
    1. The Middle School Division shall consist of teams of players aged 11 to 14.
    2. The High School Division shall consist of teams of players aged 14 to 18.
    3. The Open Division shall consist of teams of players older than those age groups including college students and community members.

II. Contest Officials

  1. There shall be two contest officials in each room, the Quiz Master and the Judge.
    1. Quiz Masters shall
      1. Read all questions
      2. Accept or reject answers.
      3. Recognize individuals
      4. Announce the winner of the round
      5. Shall at all times be in control of the game
    2. Judges shall
      1. Be in control of the timing of the game.
        1. In rooms with a buzzer system, the Judges shall run the buzzers
        2. In rooms without a buzzer system, the judges shall determine which contestant was the first to respond.
      2. Keep official score of the points gained by each team during the round and tally the final score
  2. All contest officials shall use their judgment fairly; all decisions made by the contest officials are final.

III. General Competition Procedure

  1. In each room, there shall be space for both teams.
  2. There shall also be a method of response prepared in each room.
    1. In some rooms there shall be a buzzer system for team responses.
    2. In other rooms alternative methods shall be used to determine who the first to respond is.
    3. Which teams are placed in rooms with buzzers and which teams are placed in rooms using alternative methods shall be determined at random.

Beginning the Round

  1. Once teams have seated themselves at their panel, each team shall introduce themselves with their individual names and the team name.
  2. Teams shall prepare for play.
    1. If a buzzer system is available, the buzzers shall be checked.
    2. If a buzzer system is not available, then the contest officials shall explain and demonstrate the alternative method being used.
  3. When this is completed, Phase A shall begin.

Phase A

  1. The Quizmaster shall read the first question until
    1. The completion of the question, OR
    2. A response.
  2. If the question is read to completion, members from both teams shall have five seconds to respond.
  3. The first person to respond shall be recognized by the Quizmaster (i.e. the Quiz Master shall say their name.).
  4. Following recognition, the respondent shall have five seconds to answer the question, during which time they can confer with their team members.
  5. The Quiz Master shall determine whether the answer is correct or incorrect.
    1. If the answer is correct, than the respondent’s team receives the point for that question, which shall be recorded by the Judge.
    2. If the question is answered incorrectly the other team shall have a chance to answer. There shall be no points lost for incorrect answers.
  6. Contestants may choose to respond before the reading of the question is completed.
    1. If the Quizmaster is interrupted during the reading of the question, the Quizmaster shall stop reading the question where interrupted, and the team member who responded shall have to answer within five seconds.
    2. If the answer is incorrect the other team shall be read the full question, and given five seconds to answer.
  7. After the initial reading, any member of either team may request for the question to be repeated. If the question is repeated, the clock shall be restarted and teams shall receive an additional five seconds after the completion of the second reading.
    1. Each question shall be read a total of two times per round. If the question is read a second time for both teams, and one team answers incorrectly, the question shall not be read again for the second team.
  8. There shall be a total of ten questions asked in Phase A.
  9. After Phase A, the Quiz Master shall begin Phase B.

Phase B

  1. One of the two teams competing shall receive a choice between three categories (e.g. Doctor Who, Twilight, and Spiderman).
  2. As a team, they shall choose a category which they shall then receive a question on.
  3. The Quiz Master shall ask only that team the question from that category. Teams may request to have the question repeated once. The question shall only be read a total of two times.
  4. The team shall have five seconds to respond. Any team member may answer.
    1. It they answer correctly, they receive a point for that question.
    2. If they answer incorrectly or fail to answer they shall not receive a point. No points shall be deducted for incorrect answers. The other team shall not, in this phase, be given the chance to respond.
  5. The other team shall then be offered a choice between the same three categories, and the above procedure shall be repeated for the second team.
  6. The entire procedure shall be repeated with a different set of three categories, so that at the end of Phase B, each team shall have received two questions.

    Scoring and Advancement

    1. At the end of each round, the scores shall be totaled by the Judge and the winner announced by the Quiz Master.
    2. The winning team shall advance to the next round. They shall then compete against a randomly chosen team that has also advanced to the next round.
    3. This process shall continue until two teams reach the final round.
    4. The winning team of the final round shall be the winner of the Tori Cup.

    Email us at [email protected] to request a PDF of the competition rules.