The Tori Cup

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The Event

On April 17, 2016 Ithaca College will host “The Tori Cup: Fantasy and Science Fiction Challenge,” in which teams of students, teachers, and local science fiction/fantasy fans compete to demonstrate their knowledge of all things imaginative and wonderful (film, television, comics, and literature for children, young adults, and adults). This competition is sponsored by Ithacon. Register HERE

The event will be a knowledge competition in the vein of "College Bowl" or "High School Challenge" and will help promote literacy and celebrate our well-read fan community. This will be an awesome opportunity for kids who like to read to find others with the same interests and make friends!

We're calling this event "The Tori Cup", after an Ithaca College student, Tori Howell, who passed away in an accident in 2012. She was passionate about the topics being covered in this competition, and we're organizing this event to help support causes that she endorsed during her life.

On this website you can learn Info about the event like when and where it will be, more information about creating teams and information about our three competition divisions. Also, find Directions to Ithaca College with information about parking. You can also register online through Paypal. You can find the competition rules here too, to help your team prepare.  If you have a question to submit that you think is perfect to be asked during the competition, then you can submit it here!
Stay updated on the progress The Tori Cup is making, as well as any important updates that may occur on our News page!